I’ve been working with Gabriel for 3 months and have never felt better. I had a horrible accident several years ago and haven’t been able to properly train since. I’ve worked with other trainers before but none took the time to work on rehabilitation of my injuries like Gabriel has and I would end up getting hurt worse. Gabriel is by far the most knowledgeable personal trainer I’ve ever met and came up with exercises that would improve my function and mobility. His attention to detail and proper mechanics ensures you are getting the results you want.


My right shoulder went numb, my right arm was weak.  As a physician I knew what this meant. I had neck surgery over 20 years ago and was told that I would eventually need a second surgery. Well, it seemed the time had come.  I was stuck as I need to use my arms for the procedures that I do.  Well, that surgery has been delayed for over two years as I was fortunate enough to find the Smart Fitness Team. With their help, guidance and expertise I am now feeling well and have been able to avoid going under the knife for a second time.   They truly “nursed” me back to health.  In fact, I feel stronger and have more stamina now to accomplish my daily goals.

I am one of the the lucky ones as I was not entirely sure that a second operation would have been effective in curing my ailments.

I now maintain my relationship with the Smart Fitness team at least twice weekly and vowed to never see a neurosurgeon again!

Since then, the Smart Fitness Team has come into my office to help my staff with multiple different issues including proper posture especially while sitting at the computer. They have taught my staff how to stretch properly and how to prevent injuries at the workplace. I have referred patients to see the Smart Fitness Team and the results have always been the same. They would say “thank you Dr. Ross, I feel so much better”.

The Smart Fitness Team is extraordinary as they truly understand the human body.  They know the tools needed to get yourself back on the right path.  They have certainly helped me and therefore I will continue to see the Smart Fitness Team on a regular basis.


Working out at Smart Fitness has really been rewarding. They have helped me learn to appreciate working out and have supported me along my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I never used to like working out and always thought of working out like taking medicine. Gabriel Rivera and his staff have increased my knowledge about fitness and have helped to make working out fun. I am also enjoying the benefits and results of a more active lifestyle. I feel stronger and more confident. Thank you Smart Fitness for putting up with me. If there is one class you have got to try, it is the Self Defense class on Sundays. It is one of my favorite classes.


Smart Fitness as saved my life. I now feel better and can do whatever I want!


Words alone can not express my gratitude for all you have done to help my body function as it was meant to. Before coming to you my pain was so bad it was hard to function daily because the medication had me so lethargic and sleepy all day. Because of your knowledge and skill set I am practically pain free. I really appreciate how aware you are of my limitations and know when I have to do things a different way but still accomplish the same goals. But you also know when to push me to do more and leave that comfort zone that I would stay in if you didn’t. Although you have many clients you know we have different bodies and circumstances and you have a solution for each of us. Thanks to you I haven’t taken a pain pill in over a year, two medications have been discontinued, and I feel like I’m living the best life ever. Besides your aptitude and talent you have a caring heart, you really care about all of us and that makes you priceless. You are indeed “Better Than A Pill”.

A very grateful and happy client


After retiring from a demanding job 3 years ago, I have dedicated myself to wellness and fitness. In this exploration, I was lucky enough to find the Smart Fitness studio in Coral Springs and meet Jose who has helped stretch out these old muscles and joints after my workout sessions. Stretching has been an integral part of my wellness routine ever since. My flexibility and efficiency have improved 100%. Jose is professional and careful to understand what is needed after a rigorous fitness routine. Many thanks to Gabriel for connecting me with Jose.

Jo Ellen

This fitness site is amazing on so many levels. Stretching by Alyssa is amazing, releases not just tight muscles but stuck energy too. Gabriel has amazing energy and they all give back in so many ways to the community. You won’t ever be disappointed in your work out here!


Gabriel and his team are awesome!
They are interested in the well being of their clients and keep our needs in mind.
I love Smart Fitness, my trainers are always available to share their expertise and modify our training when is needed. They push me and keep me motivated when I need it.
I’ve signed up for a lot of exercise programs and I’ve never stuck with them. I met Gabriel in 2016 and his attention to detail has made me a loyal member. If you are looking for a team of people that are interested in ensuring you have the right posture and reach your goals, then give Smart Fitness a try!


People here are very friendly, great fitness instructors.
Hidden gem in Coral Springs.
If you are looking for advances and truly personalized coaching, look no more!


Amazing vibe and great professionals… Perfect recipe for success. Two thumbs up


I have known Gabriel for many years.

I was very concerned about my condition but when I explained it I felt comfortable, he took the time to listen and work with my distress. Each session we had I felt easy, I also felt his commitment in each class.

Gabriel went beyond on his training by explaining many times how exercises should or should not make me feel… he shows so much dedication.

Gabriel helped me to reach my goal and was very happy with his professionalism. I certainly look forward to training with him.


A little more than a year ago I met Gabriel it was my lucky day. He is a great trainer with knowledge of the anatomy and a caring attitude. Gabriel goes beyond what is asked of him every session, he makes it interesting and fun. I look forward to the time in the gym and that’s not my favorite place to go.I may just have to do this forever.Thank you Gabriel


Smart Fitness is amazing. I have been working with the coaches here for over 3 years and have felt amazing ever since. Thank you for everything!


If you are looking to improve performance and reach personal fitness goals, this is your place! The trainers are amazing, they addressed all the questions I had, made great recommendations, built a personalized fitness plan to meet my needs, and encouraged me to expand beyond my initial fitness aspirations. This place is highly recommended for beginners or experienced athletes!!!


“I first met Gabriel at the end of 2014 after I was discussing my injuries with the fitness manager at the gym. He stated I needed to meet Gabriel since he specialized in injuries. I am so happy that referral was made! Gabriel helped me with my hip issues before, during and after my left hip surgery in July of 2015 to fix a labral tear. I made great progress under his guidance! The focus was always on what I COULD do. He taught me to breath, squeeze and do the functional/corrective exercises needed. It truly is amazing what breathing and even just simple squeezes can do for ya!  In addition to being an awesome, attentive, knowledgeable personal trainer, Gabriel is an awesome human being.!   He is very positive and will give you the personal attention needed! Whether you are in need of rehab from an injury or surgery or want to improve overall fitness/strength/endurance and prevent injuries, Gabriel is your guy!  He will go that extra mile!  My career has taken me in a different direction and out of state and thus away from Gabriel, but the lessons he taught me always return to my workouts.  ”